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DTC planning meeting

DTC Planning Meeting

Great turnout from residents last night at DTC planning meeting. DTC agreed to refuse the demolition of the garages to build houses. People power at its best! DDC will make the final decision, but the evidence stacks up. Residents need to contact, via email or post to their Ward District Councillors to ask for their […]

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Daventry Family Tree

Daventry Family Tree

Daventry Family Tree Want to be part of The Daventry Family Tree? Join Us At Our Arts Festival Workshop. This year we are creating a Daventry Family Tree where the families will put their mark on the tree and this will then be displayed in Daventry town centre for all to see. Come along and […]

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Granger Litter Ninjas

Granger Litter Ninjas and Teenagers

 Granger Teenagers Are Awesome Out litter picking this afternoon/evening I got talking to a group of teenaged girls. One said how it used to be where children had their own groups and kids/teens didn’t mix but now everyone mixes. We also discussed how important our younger estate children feel when they help litter picking and […]

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Grange Making Positive Good Impression

It seems we have made a very positive good impression… Daventry Express: Community campaign to give Daventry estate a clean Three years ago I took a walk around the Grange Estate, you couldn’t walk more than a couple of steps without encountering litter Before and after 2 years later I decided to get to the cause […]

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DDC New Office

DDC New Office Opening hours

DDC new office opening hours Lodge Road office – new opening hours Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm Friday – 9am – 4.30pm Address: Daventry District Council Lodge Road Daventry NN11 4FP Get in touch – use our online Contact us form Email: Phone: 01327 871100 Contact Centre open Monday – Friday 9am – […]

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A Man Has Been Arrested

A man has been arrested in connection with the alleged stabbing incident in Daventry 09:11 Friday 05 August 2016 A 44-year-old man has been charged with wounding with intent to commit grievous bodily harm following an incident in The Severn at the weekend. George McQuillan, of The Medway on the Grange in Daventry, was arrested […]

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TEAMWORK – What A Transformation

It was teamwork today as Amey call centre staff from Liverpool came out to Daventry to do a volunteer litter pick. The Grange Estate was their first port of call, I met with them at the Pike Park and apologised if I ever sounded abrupt when I have spoken with them on the phone I […]

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Thunderstorms and Lightning

Tips and Advice – Thunderstorms and Lightning

Go indoors Remember the phrase, “When thunder roars, go indoors.” Find a safe, enclosed shelter when you hear thunder. Safe shelters include homes, offices and shops. A hard-top vehicles with the windows rolled up is  safe as the lightning will spread over the metal and ground through the tyres Avoid electronic equipment Do NOT use […]

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