Community Rallies To Fund Hoffman

Community Rallies To Fund Hoffman

Daventry community rallies to help fund dog’s care 

Rebekah and Hoffman are part of the Grange community.

They go everywhere together and are inseparable.

Rebekah is also one of our 40 strong resident litter pickers on the Grange Estate, often out and about when Hoffman is well enough helping to keep our estate litter free.

Community Rallies To Fund Hoffman

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Raising money for “HOFFMAN” aka #SuperHoff with his SuperCape!

LINK – Go Fund Me – #SuperHoff’s Cancer Fund

Community Rallies To Fund Hoffman

Hoffman is my love and my life.

My 12 year old pawfect Chocolate Labrador who has a Cancerous tumour.

In October he had a tumour the size of a football removed, my vet didn’t think he was going to make it through the surgery.

Yet… despite all odds, he did, and he recovered so well, but now 12 weeks later the tumour has returned and it is growing around his urethra. My vet has said all he can do now is give him steroids which he which he hoped would help shrink the tumor enough to help him live a bit longer (pain free of course)


Now we are off to Fitzpatrick referrals – The SuperVet where hard-to-cure pets from across the country receive cutting-edge care from Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, the ‘Bionic Vet’, and his crack veterinary team.

They are the UK’s top oncology vets and they are hopefully going to fix my boy. The problem is ££££.

The consultation appointment (next week) alone is £200. Bloods and Biopsies are approx £500.

Cat scan is £1500, and chemotherapy can be £500 per session.

This doesn’t included the cost of surgery, others tests and medication and I just can’t do it, especially as they ask for 50% of the fee upfront.

Hoffman has always been insured until a couple of years ago when he had a tumour which was removed on his insurance and after using all the  allowance that the insurance provided, I could only insure him after that “without” existing medical conditions and Pet Aid doesn’t cover him for specialist treatment such as an Oncology specialist.

Community Rallies To Fund Hoffman

There is the possibility that £6000 won’t cover all the costs as costs can be on going and if this is the case I will continue the fundraising but if for any reason his bill comes to less than the money we have raised.

All the remaining monies will go to someone else in my position that needs to help to save the love of there life.

Words can not describe how much this means to me and how thankful I am to each person that is donating, you are helping to save the love of my life.

I wake up with him every morning, and he comes to bed with me every night.

Everywhere I go and everything I do, he is my main priority and consideration.

I can’t imagine my life without him in it. I know the day will come when he has to cross the rainbow bridge but I know in my heart it’s not his time yet.

If we can just sort this tumor out I know he will have a few more years left to enjoy this life with me.

If I don’t get this money raised asap, they won’t be able to help and treat Hoffman and time is not on his side anymore.

So it’s literally a case of raising the money to save his life.

If you want to follow Hoffman and his progress you can follow him on Facebook on the link below.

Hoffs Facebook page

Community Rallies To Fund Hoffman

To all the people around the world who have been following Hoffman on his journey, those who sent us love and prayers, best wishes, cards and presents to Hoffman.

I thank you. I am sure all the extra love for him helps the miracle he needs to become stronger.

With love and light.

Rebekah (Hoffman’s mum)

Community Rallies To Fund Hoffman

Community Rallies To Fund Hoffman