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Community Street Art Project

The Community Street Art Project was a huge success.

Day 1

18 months ago I approached DDC about getting some street art put onto the Yeomanry subway, It seemed to take forever but with the help of Town Councillor Lynne Taylor a working group was formed with myself, Lindsey Hawkey of the Phoenix Centre and Lindsey Checkley Community Projects Officer for DDC.

We worked together to make this project a reality.

There are all sorts of permissions needed and funds to be raised.

Thank you Lynne Taylor, Lindsey Hawkey and Lindsey Checkley so very much.

We didn’t think we would get any volunteers as most people are away for the summer but as always our wonderful residents of The Grange Estate didn’t let us down and turned up in their droves.

Stuart was wonderful with the children, once geared up in overalls, masks, goggle, and gloves he encouraged them to express themselves with paint on the walls.

The first wall was the hardest to do because of the rough texture, Stuart graffitied the words ‘The Grange’ then the children and adults set to work.

street art

Ashley Webber one of the volunteers was a huge help working alongside Stuart.

Thank you to all the organisers, to those who dropped by to take a look and chat and a special THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped.
Thank you Mcdonalds for the happy meals they were nom, nom, nom.

street art

Thank you Paul from EMS who were passing by as we finished and took away our litter.

It was a real community effort by all.

Day 2

On Tuesday I arrived early at the Yeomanry subway, Chris –  Graffiti Parties  was already there preparing the walls.

This time the theme was Environment.

As the morning wore on more and more volunteers came and joined in, others came to admire our work.

We give the other wall an environment theme, I love how everyone included no dog fouling, litter bins, welcome, wildlife and all sorts of other things.

As well as doing the doing the Street Art we gave the subway a mini makeover by sweeping the steps, clearing the clogged drain, sweeping the path and getting rid of some of the weeds.

It had such a party atmosphere I think we all felt a little sad to leave once the work was done.

street art

Thank you to The Grange Convenience Store  for the supplies they went down a treat.

Thank you Tesco for the sandwich supplies, water and fruit.

Thank you Mcdonalds for the Happy Meals

Thank you Evelina Parker for all the sandwiches you made and for constantly entertaining us, you are a very funny lady.

Thank you Paul EMS for helping us get rid of those stubborn weeds and taking away all the rubbish.

Thank you to all the grown-ups who helped but a special thank you to all the children who came and helped, you are true Community Champions and Superstars we couldn’t have done it without you.

Community helps brighten Daventry underpass – Aug 19, 2015

I was also unexpectedly interviewed by BBC Radio Northampton

Thank you volunteers

Stuart – Graffiti Parties, Evelina, Bernie, Billy and Jack Parker, Molly & Harley Masters, Elly & Corben Marks, Matthew, Nicola & Darren Smelt, Benjamin. Sawsen, Anays & Adam Fellah, Aidaa, Zoe Jackson, Rianen Mitchell,  Ashley Webber, Lewis Hunt, Cameron Ferric, Chloe, Sophie Bennett, Wendy Randall, Lindsey Checkley, Connie, Louis, Edie & Lindsey Hawkey, Harmony and Stella Batten, James Yates. Janna, Jude, Fern & Anna Walters, Sam Cheadle.


There is a litter pick stick amongst the street art, see if you can spot it as you walk through the subway.