Litter Picking

Enjoyable 3 Hour Litter Picking

I spent a very enjoyable 3 hour 👣 walk 🚮 litter picking this morning.
It was lovely to bump into so many residents I haven’t seen 👀  in ages.

I also had a lovely chat with several children, 3 of them spent a good deal of time enthusiastically picking litter 🚮 for me.

Thank you guys for all your help.

The only litter we picked was, recycling waste, 🚬 cigarette rubbish and🍷 alcohol cans and bottles 🍺 . 4 sacks were filled in total.

I came across a few contaminated red/blue boxes, I’m not sure if they were put out contaminated (mixed waste) or they got contaminated because they weren’t taken in after the refuse collection as they are then used by passers by for their litter 🚮

Contaminated bins and boxes will not be collected by EMS

Litter picking

To be honest the area I/we covered was mostly 🚮 litter free compared to 12 months ago, even Tamar Square was tidy.

The area by the flats on the Severn which has improved re fly tipping sadly was a mess, lots of black bags, a suitcase 💼  and a dismantled wardrobe 🚪

 litter picking

Here are a couple of links 🔗🔗with lots of information about what you can recycle, tip opening times and other information.