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National British Clean Up Day Results

Keep Britain Tidy – Community Clear Up Day – Part 1

Grange Community Clear Up 2

The first ever Keep Britain Tidy – Community Clear Up Day took place this weekend, to celebrate the start of Spring.

Communities around the country came together and organised clear up days. The Grange estate being one of those communities.

The Grange estate held two events, the first was held on Saturday March 21st where 37 resident volunteers including adults and children took part.

We were also joined by members from DDH – Katie Jones and CJ Smith, DDC – Environmental Officer Alan Lovell , several  Daventry Town Council  members, Thank and  Cllr Wendy Randall who has several roles – Daventry District Councillor, Town Councillor and Deputy Mayor – she is also a resident of The Grange estate

We all met at The Pike and Eel which has become the meeting point for all our clean-up events, Bev Martin – landlady and her wonderful staff opened up especially for us providing us with much needed hot drinks and several residents made cakes which went down a storm.

It was a bitterly cold day but this didn’t stop our dedicated residents from turning up. Once kitted out with gloves, high vis jackets, hoops and bags and armed with litter pick sticks, off they went tackling the areas we have not quite been able to reach when we held our three previous Grange estate Clean – Up events.

Rubbish collected around the Curly Wurly bridge

It was staggering to see just how much was collected despite having rid the estate of 311 black sacks of rubbish over the past 10 months the total now stands at 365 of which 48 of those are sacks filled on Saturday, this does not include the fly tipping also collected on the day

Curly Wurly Bridge – After removing 14 sack of rubbish and fly tipping

Some of the rubbish and fly tipping around Thames Road

We also tackled Thames Road which circles the estate and the subway that leads from The Medway over to Drayton, it is amazing again how much rubbish was collected and the fly tipping that was discovered.

Rubbish collected from around the estate

DSCN0795 - Copy

 We collected a huge amount of rubbish from around the estate which included yet another shopping trolley and other fly tipped items, we asked our Grange Wombles what type of rubbish did they collect the most.

Top 5 things collected when litter picking  on the estate

  • Recycling waste
  • Bottles – cans – energy drink cans
  • Smoking packaging – cigarette filters
  • Lottery tickets
  • Wet wipes

Top 5 things collected from the outskirts of the estate

  •  Crisp packets – sweet wrappers
  •  Drinks cans – bottles
  •  Lottery tickets
  • Fast food packaging
  • Cigarette packets

Keep Britain Tidy – Community and companies Clear Up Day – Part 2

A second clear-up day was held on Monday March 23rd on The Grange Estate  which companies from Daventry attended. We were only given a few weeks short notice to make all the arrangements but still volunteers turned up which included

from left to right

PCSO Paul Harris – Drayton Ward SCT,  Andy Chaffe – Futures Landscapes – DDH, Diane Godfrey – Waitrose Daventry, Natalie Waynforth – Waitrose Daventry, Wendy Randall – Drayton Ward Cllr , Alan Lovell Environmental Officer – DDC and Robert Moss – Futures Landscapes – DDH

Thank you to all the volunteers who attended and Thank you Alan Lovell for all you help and support.

Companies Photo

 We made a formidable team we got stuck in and made a start to clear the historic rubbish and fly tipping that had accumulated in the grounds of the ex-retirement home


This has been an eyesore for several years with many things fly tipped here. We all rolled up our sleeves and dug in, we shifted all sorts of stuff including fencing, tyres, recycle boxes and of course litter. Two hours later this is the result of all our hard work.


Together we filled a lorry load

Since the event several of our Grange Wombles have been out  doing yet more litter picking, collecting a further 6 sacks to add to our total which is now 365 over a period of 10 months

A special thank you to all our resident litter pickers who have been helping to keep our estate litter free, we are 25 plus now and you are all doing a grand job.