Peace of mind

Peace of mind while you’re away

Advice on making your home and belongings more secure

Help from your neighbours

It’s a good idea to get help from your neighbours.

You could ask them to collect post, sweep up leaves, mow the lawn, open and close curtains, and so on.

They could even occasionally park their car on your driveway. Anything to make the place look lived in. You can repay the favour by doing the same for them.

Warn your neighbour not to put your surname, address or even your house number on your keys in case they fall into the wrong hands. Let your neighbour know when you will be away and, if you can, give them details so that they can contact you, or someone who can act on your behalf, in an emergency.

Is there a Neighbourhood Watch scheme where you live? Your local police will tell you if there is a scheme in your area or help you set one up.

Or you can look on the internet at Neighbourhood watch It could help you make your home more secure while you’re away, and has many other crime-prevention and community benefits.

Want to know more about home security?

You can find this leaflet and a range of others on preventing burglary and other crimes at These include:

• A guide to home security

• Peace of mind while you move home

• How to beat the bogus caller

• Be safe, be secure – Your practical guide to crime prevention You can also contact your local police station for advice. Some police forces will check your home or business premises and recommend ways of improving the security.

This is a popular service and, if there is a waiting list, they may send you an information pack so you can check your property yourself.

The police website Secured by also contains useful advice.

Everyone needs a holiday some time. And however much we like our homes, there is nothing like a change of scenery.

But we all want to come home and find everything as we left it.

Almost half of all burglaries happen when a flat or house is empty.

By following the tips set out in this leaflet, you can help to make your home more secure while you are away.

Read the tips here and plan ahead. Tick off the items before you go.

  Download the Pdf:   Northants police – crime prevention

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Peace of mind