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Granger Litter Ninjas

Granger Litter Ninjas and Teenagers

 Granger Teenagers Are Awesome Out litter picking this afternoon/evening I got talking to a group of teenaged girls. One said how it used to be where children had their own groups and kids/teens didn’t mix but now everyone mixes. We also discussed how important our younger estate children feel when they help litter picking and […]

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Litter Picking

Enjoyable 3 Hour Litter Picking

I spent a very enjoyable 3 hour 👣 walk 🚮 litter picking this morning. It was lovely to bump into so many residents I haven’t seen 👀  in ages. I also had a lovely chat with several children, 3 of them spent a good deal of time enthusiastically picking litter 🚮 for me. Thank you guys for all your help. […]

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