Together We Are Unstoppable

Solo we are strong – Together we are UNSTOPPABLE

I know on our Grange Estate alone we have as many as 35 residents who litter pick individually on a regular basis.

Our litter pickers also include children who particularly like doing this as it’s like a treasure hunt only we are hunting for litter.

We also come together to group litter pick which is very satisfying as you can cover a larger area and make a big difference in a short space of time.

I came across this tweet this week and thought it a great idea.

Take a before pic of an area in need of some TLC then pick it up, take an after pic and then post it.

It is very rewarding to see the difference between before and after a litter pick has been performed and those who couldn’t join in appreciate seeing your efforts.

How can you get involved ? It’s simple.

If you have your own litter pick stick just get out there and pick if you know of other people who do this why not join up and work together.

If you don’t have the equipment you can contact your local council, Daventry District Council has a litter picking kit you can borrow give them a call Phone: 01327 871100  or Email :  comments@daventrydc.gov.uk to arrange this.

You can also contact your Ward Councillors to help you arrange a clean up event as well as contacting Daventry Express to ask them to advertise the clean up event.