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On the Daventry Town Council website, you will find information about services, news and events. If you’re unable to locate what you are looking for on the website, then please contact the Town Clerk Deborah Jewell – email: townclerk@daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk or telephone: 01327 301246

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How to find Daventry Town Council

Town Councillors for Drayton Ward

Ron Fox                      01327 871838

Peter Luke                 01327 872131

Glenda Simmonds   01327 876549

Lynne Taylor            01327 702437

Wendy Randall        07840 747348

Mayor of Daventry – Cllr Lynne Taylor

The Mayor is chosen annually by the Council and fulfils two important roles: firstly, they Chair the meetings of Council; and, secondly, are the First Citizen of the Town.

As Chairman of Council, they are responsible for seeing that the meetings are conducted in a seemly manner in accordance with the Council’s constitution and carry a casting vote in the event of a stalemate.

As First Citizen of the Town, the Mayor acts as the principal ambassador of the Council and will attend around 100 engagements each year. This will include hosting annual events such as the welcoming of royalty and distinguished visitors to the Town, hosting receptions for local organisations, launching Council initiatives and visiting local groups and companies at their invitation often to mark a significant event such as the opening of a new building or the presentation of  certificates.


Daventry Town Council Services

Daventry Town Council offer a number of services

Gardening is a great way to be involved with the great outdoors – it’s a good way to meet other people, and very satisfying to watch what you sow grow into mature plants, It always tastes better when you have grown it yourself.

Christmas events
The Christmas events are very popular and mark the start of the Festive Season and the day that the Town’s lights get switched on.

The cameras throughout the Town centre record activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the control room can be contacted by the Police to ask that cameras are directed toward areas of suspicious activity.

The Dial-a-Ride Service sponsored by Daventry Town Council and is now in its third year of providing a totally free service twice a week into the Town Centre for shopping. This operates on market days, Tuesday and Friday, for anyone aged 65 years and above.

Community grants
Are you a voluntary organisation established for the benefit of the community?
Do you have a need for an injection of cash?
Awards of up to £1000 are available to local groups and individuals for anything that can be shown to benefit your community.

DACT is celebrating over 15 years of providing transport to the community in Daventry district. The services provide transport opportunities for thousands of people across the district who would otherwise struggle to get to their destination.

The Town Crier
The Daventry Town newsletter, the Town Crier, is distributed to all the households and businesses within the Town of Daventry. The aim of the newsletter is to provide useful information in order to give YOU greater knowledge about the Town level of local government.

The Mayor is chosen annually by the Council and fulfils two important roles: firstly, they Chair the meetings of Council; and, secondly, are the First Citizen of the Town.

Hanging baskets
We are looking at the possibility of extending the displays to other parts of the town.

Daventry Museum

Welcome to Daventry Museum a hub for the town where the people of Daventry can tell their own histories.

Where to find us – We are located in the same building as Daventry Town Council

3 New St
NN11 4BT

T: 01327 301246