When to call 999

When to call 999

Don’t Rely On Others To Report It

There is a danger to life or a risk of injury being caused imminently. Examples include serious road accidents, assaults or serious disorders.
A crime is in progress. Examples include assault, burglary, and theft or if an offender is still on scene, or has just left the scene.
Police attendance is required immediately such as to prevent a breach of peace, someone acting suspiciously or someone who is about to commit an offence.

When to call 101

Report a crime not currently in progress – for example a stolen car, burglary, or damaged property.
Give information to the police about crime in your area.
Speak to the police about a general enquiry.
Contact a specific police officer or member of staff.

Report Antisocial Behaviour
Vehicle Abandoned (not stolen)
Vehicle Nuisance/inappropriate use
Rowdy or Inconsiderate Behaviour
Rowdy/Nuisance Neighbours
Littering/Drugs Paraphernalia
Nuisance Calls
Street Drinking
Prostitution-Related Activity

Failure to tackle ASB leads to increased crime, especially violence with injury and criminal damage.

Anti-social behaviour can be reported in a number of ways and not just to the police.
Your local authority will have a dedicated department that deals with community safety issues including ASB.

Daventry District Council – Report online or call: 01327 871100

Reporting ASB to the police can be done in a number of ways, either via 101 or by contacting your local Neighbourhood Policing Teams.
You can also report incidents at your local police station or Contact Point.
Where there is a potential danger to life or property you should dial 999.

DDH tenants can also report ASB
Report ASB to DDH 

This can include:
Noise nuisance
Domestic violence
Nuisance from pets and animals
Aggressive and/or threatening language and behaviour
Violence or threats of violence
Damaging or threatening to damage someone’s property
Hate behaviour that targets members of identified groups
Using accommodation for illegal or immoral purposes
Repairing vehicles in public areas
Unlawful tipping of rubbish
Inappropriate use of public facilities
Vandalism and graffiti